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Espresso Translations
(0044) 0203 488 1841
We are a professional translation agency offering a full range of translation services to businesses worldwide.
We understand the challenges companies face in the growing global marketplace and we support our clients in communicating their message around the globe. Unlike traditional translation agencies, we pair together translators who are native in one language and fluent in the other. Translations are then completed in tandem so as to ensure that concepts and contexts are not lost in translation.
We offer translation, proofreading and transcription services in all major European languages across a vast array of industries. Our translations are accurate, authentic and affordable, with an added personal touch.
At Espresso Translations, we rely heavily on organisational tools to ensure we are on top of everything and nothing gets missed. In order to organise our workload and keep track of who is doing what, we use Trello, a cloud-based collaboration tool that organises projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process. We have boards that we use amongst staff and we also have boards that our Translators can access and update so we know the status of translation projects in real-time. This tool allows us to ensure that no translation deadline is missed and maintain our 100% on-time delivery promise. Alongside Trello, another tool that assists team cooperation is Slack, a communication tool that allows real-time team and group chat and file exchange amongst other features such as video calling. The great this about both tools is that you can download the Apps and access all of the same functions from anywhere by mobile.
Contact us for a quote: info@espressotranslations.net
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