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Oh, Salaam!

translated from the Arabic by Luke Leafgren

A brave and compelling novel on the ultimate consequences

of war and gender violence

salaamNajwa Barakat’s Oh, Salaam! tells the story of three friends—an explosives expert, a sniper, and a torturer—whose lives are transformed by their involvement in a civil war in an unnamed Arab country, and by their relationship with the novel’s anti-heroine, Salaam. Two of the friends live to see the end of the war, but struggle to survive the arrival of peace and to make a life for themselves in a society that no longer has any use for ex-paramilitaries.


1,617,989 Scots left a wee bit uggit on Friday morning


Whichever side of the Yes/No divide the UK public fell with respect to Scottish Independence, and of course, more importantly those who got a vote north of the border in Scotland itself, there were a number of positives to come out of the process, most notably, the incredibly high turnout of voters, a staggering 84.6%. This says everything about our freedom of democracy and how, when there is something that the public feel passionately enough about, they will ensure their voice is heard.


NBTranslate to boost international sales for 1,000 companies by end of 2014

UK companies seeking to take their services and products into the international market, will be thrilled to hear that NBTranslate, a specialist in the professional translation industry has launched a brand new offering that will assist in expanding their business abroad.


Conversis appoints Roberto Silva

 Conversis, the specialist translation and localisation agency, has announced the appointment of Roberto Silva to head up the development of its technology platforms as the company continues to strengthen its senior management team.


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