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How Freelance Translators should use LinkedIn to generate business

LinkedIn to Generate Business for Freelancer

LinkedIn for Translators

Freelance translators in the U.S. are about to gain another tool for growing their businesses. LinkedIn and social media marketing in general have already proved to be extremely valuable marketing tools, and now LinkedIn is rolling out its new ProFinder tool, which will provide freelance translators with even more opportunities.


Ali and His Russian Mother

Ali and His Russian Mother

"Remarkably, given its short length—a little over a hundred pages— and its uncomplicated, at times even frothy, style, Always Coca-Cola comes off as a work of searing intensity that powerfully conjures the atmosphere of contemporary Beirut..."

Words without Borders


How to Tell Everyone About Your Services as a Freelance Translator

Free Translation Service

Becoming a freelance translator is a great career aspiration. Translation is an industry that is in-demand. There are many people and businesses that need your services. 

The most important aspect of operating a business is effective marketing. If you do not spend time and effort attracting clients, your business will not flourish. 

There are no secret marketing techniques for freelance translators. The translation business is just like any other business when it comes to marketing. You have to put your skills in the marketplace in front of people who can use them. There are six ways to increase the visibility of your freelance translation business.


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